DIY Christmas Greeting Card

7 months ago | Art All The Way
DIY crafts have been on a steady rise over the years with people opting for these crafts, be it for passing time, making things for themselves that they can’t afford, to give their décors a personal touch or simply because the craft is their passion. It is a hassle-free way to spend your free time that is neither harmful to you nor wasteful.

Gifting cards seems like a gesture of the ancient time. Gone are the days when people restlessly waited for the cards. Having caught up with the modern world, all people do is type a few words and forward it to everyone via social media. So, why not surprise everyone this year by gifting them handmade cards instead? Here is a simple card for you to try out!

Craft paper

Take a craft paper and cut a rectangle of size 10 cm by 15 cm.
Fold the paper in half along the longer (15 cm) side.
Fold in half again.
Fold again twice.
Unfold and fold again alternatively towards the front and back forming an accordion.
Take another white craft paper or chart and cut a rectangle of size 15 cm by 24 cm.
Fold the paper in half along the longer (15 cm) side.
Gently hold one end of the accordion and spread out the other end.
Apply some glue on the white paper and paste the accordion on it as shown.
Cut a few small starts from different coloured craft paper.
Paste one star at the top of the accordion.
Paste the other stars on the accordion as shown.
Open the fold of the white card and write a message on the inside.
Fold again.
Voila! Your Christmas card is ready to be posted!

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