DIY Colourful Umbrella

5 months ago | Art All The Way
What if you can create colorful miniature umbrellas and keep it as a decor piece? This video shows exactly how you can create an easy DIY colorful umbrella in a few steps.

1. Take a square colored paper with 8cm x 8cm as it’s dimension.
2. Fold it diagonally
3. Now fold the top flap again in a diagonal fashion and open it
4. Now take the tip of the paper and fold it downwards touching the base of the paper
5. Open the top flap of the paper and fold it over the paper as shown in the video.
6. Open the fold and insert the paper into the flap of the top paper as shown
7. Create 6 more folds like this
8. Take a colored paper, place it behind another paper
9. Insert the color paper with each and fold the edges into each other to secure it (refer the video)
10. Repeat the steps till you form a closed umbrella shape
11. Now apply some hot glue in the bottom of the umbrella and stick a toothpick for the handle of the umbrella.
12. Your DIY umbrella is ready.

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