DIY Paper Rose

7 months ago | Art All The Way
DIY crafts have been on a steady rise over the years with people opting for these crafts, be it for passing time, making things for themselves that they can’t afford, to give their décors a personal touch or simply because the craft is their passion. It is a hassle-free way to spend your free time that is neither harmful to you nor wasteful.

Handmade roses are a common material used in decorating. And these days, metal flowers and satin, are on the rise when it comes to décor materials. So, why not give this common yet classic item a little twist by making it using papers?

Craft paper
Pencil (To curl)

1. Take a square craft paper of size 10cm.
2. Fold the paper in half diagonally.
3. Position the paper like a downwards facing triangle with the folded side pointing upwards.
4. Now, fold in half again, bringing the two corners at the top together.
5. Position the paper like an upwards facing triangle.
6. Again, fold in half, bringing the two corners at the bottom together.
7. Hold the paper as shown, bringing the bottom to the top.
8. Cut off a curve at the top as shown.
9. Unfold once and cut at the pointed edge slightly.
10. Now, unfold the paper entirely.
11. Make four of these.
12. Now, cut each piece as shown in the video.
(Cut off one-eighth in the first piece, cut off one-fourth of the second piece, cut off three-eighths of the third piece and cut off the fourth piece in half.)
13. Stick the two ends together in each piece.
14. Curl all the pieces outwards at the top from all sides.
15. Take the last two pieces.
16. Roll up the smallest piece and roll it up.
17. Apply some glue at the bottom of the smallest rolled up piece and stick the second smallest piece and roll it up too as shown.
18. Now, apply glue at the bottom and stick the remaining pieces one after the other, starting from the smallest.
19. Make sure to position each petal alternately.
20. Voila! Your paper rose is ready!

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