DIY Paper Rose

4 years ago | Art All The Way

Craft paper

Take a desired color craft paper, here I am using a pink colored craft
Fold the paper into half diagonally and repeat the same process on the other side
Now fold half of the paper horizontally to touch the center point and fold the paper again to touch the crease that we created now.
Repeat the same process on all the sides
Pinch the corners of two adjacent sides and fold it inwards. Repeat the same process on the opposite side as well.
Now fold any two opposite side outwards as shown.
Create an ‘L’ shape on each side of the paper.
Fold the ‘L’ shape inwards and fold the corner into half and repeat the same step on all four sides.
Now, interlock one side of the paper with the other to create a closed loop.
Pinch the sides of the paper and unfold the paper to create a petal.
With the help of a toothpick curve the corners of the petals to create a realistic effect
Your DIY Paper Rose is ready.

You can change the color and size of the craft paper according to your desire.

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