DIY Pull Tab Envelopes

7 months ago | Art All The Way
Have you ever written a letter to someone? Be it a professional formal letter or a personal letter to someone close to you? You must have written one sometimes! But, what about the envelopes you post it in? Do you make them yourself? Purchase them from shops? Which kind of envelopes does your usually purchase? Of course, the formal ones demand formal and plain envelopes, but what about your personal letters? You post them in plain envelopes as well? Or those patterned envelopes? You did, didn't you? But, did you ever make any envelopes yourself? No? The thought of them being hard stopped you every time didn't it? Well, I'll tell you this, it is actually really easy to make them! Here is a simple envelope for you to try out. Give those letters a bit more special feel by posting them in your handmade envelopes!

Craft paper

1. Take an A4 sheet and fold the shorter side in half. Crease and unfold.
2. Fold both the four corners diagonally towards the center crease.
3. Fold both the sides towards the center crease line.
4. Open the side folds, place a small letter or photo and then fold again.
5. Turn to the back and fold as shown.
6. Fold the top back in half again such that it forms a rectangle.
7. Do the same with the bottom.
8. Now, insert the top corners into the pockets formed at the bottom layer at the top.
9. Your pull tab envelope is ready!

1. You can use any other type of paper like chart paper, cardstock or even scrapbook paper to make this envelope.
2. You can also use patterned paper to make this envelope.
3. You can use some sombre patterned or embossed paper to make a pretty envelope.

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