Sachin Tendulkar becomes 1st Indian sportsperson to have 'biographical drama'

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New Delhi, May 26 (ANI): The wait is finally over with the release of 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams.' With this, Sachin Tendulkar becomes the only Indian to have a biographical drama on his life journey. He has been included in the league of Mohammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan, who have had such biographical drama's based on them. This genre (biographical drama) resonates with the viewer on a deeper level because they focus on life individuals as it is the most real representation of facts. With that, comes an intimate and immediate connection to the person it is based on. The biographical drama, ' Sachin: A Billion Dreams,' written and directed by James Erskine, encompasses the personal insights on Tendulkar's life from his family, first hand. For the first time, his family, his mother, brother, wife, will be seen talking about the living legend. The film's trailer and the track, 'Sachin Anthem' created an immense buzz amongst the cine-goers as well as cricket fanatics.