7 Foods to Eat on an Empty Stomach

3 months ago | Dieting Right
Good digestion is important to our health, and in order to keep ourselves feeling good and to maximize absorption of nutrients. The first thing we eat in the morning sets forth the course of the day. The goal in healthy eating is not just eating foods that are good for you and also avoiding the bad.
There are some foods that seem healthy, but we really shouldn’t be eating on an empty stomach. Here are 7 best foods you should eat on an empty stomach.
Improve your digestive health by normalizing the pH levels of your stomach, decreasing the risk of ulcers and excess stomach acid.
Helps awaken your immune and digestive systems. Helps with lazy bowel syndrome and other stomach issues.
Full of electrolytes and low in calorie, provides good amount of fluid when consumed on an empty stomach.
Releases a powerful enzyme called papain, which aids good digestion.
Helps to instantly boost energy. Rich in soluble fibres and potassium which helps in improving digestion and relieving constipation.
Creates a protective coating around the lining of the stomach. This prevents hydrochloric acid from damaging stomach walls.
The egg white contains good proteins that help in increasing the body metabolism and also help in burning more calories.

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