Egg Noodles

7 years ago | Home Cooking
Vegetable Noodles is an insanely popular Indo-Chinese dish that is filled with the heavenly goodness of various vegetables and sometimes eggs, rich various healthy nutrients as well as the slurping delight that is noodles! In this day, it would be difficult to find a person who doesn’t like noodles, be it of any kind. I guess that is why the sales of instant noodles never fall. But, those instant noodles aren’t exactly healthy, and the noodles we get at hotels aren't exactly healthy enough to be had often. But, noodles is a dish one simply cannot give up on, no matter how costly or unhygienic. Hence why, I am here, sharing a simple and easy recipe to make this delightfully delish dish at home.

Egg - 2 nos
Hakka Noodles - 200 gms
Oil - 3 Tbsp
A few cloves of Garlic
A piece of Ginger
Onion - 2 nos sliced
Green Capsicum - 1 no. sliced
Carrot - 2 nos sliced
A few Beans
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Soy sauce - 3 Tsp
Chilli sauce/chilli paste - 1 Tsp
Spring Onion - 1 bunch (small) chopped
A few Coriander leaves

Step 1
1. Add the ready-made Hakka Noodle in boiling water (with some oil) & let it cook.

2. Once soft & done, Strain out the water & keep the noodle aside.

Step 2
3. Heat a kadai & add 2 tbsp of Oil.
4. Add chopped Garlic & Ginger julienne.
5. Add Onions & saute until it turns transparent.

6. Add sliced Capsicum, Carrot, Beans & saute.

7. Add Salt, Pepper, 3 tsp Soy sauce & mix well.

8. Add 1 tsp chilli sauce or chilli paste.

9. Add chopped spring onions and mix well.

10. Once Vegetables are 3/4 cooked add the cooked noodles & gently mix.

Step 3
11. Take a small pan & add 1 tsp Oil.
12. Slightly beat two Eggs & make a rough scramble.

13. Now add the Scrambled Egg to the cooking Noodles & toss well.

14. Finally, garnish it with coriander leaves.

15. Your Egg Noodles are ready to be served!

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