Egg Omelette Sandwich

6 years ago | Home Cooking
A piece of toast, early in the morning, and your breakfast is done. Isn’t that what most of us do? Especially those working ladies out there? So, it’s inevitable that you would eventually grow bored of them. But, what if you could try different toasts each day? Wouldn’t that help? Having variety and healthy stuff to eat? And how to make this healthy stuff tasty you ask? Cheese to the rescue! So, today, we are here with a recipe for a simple yet delicious toasted egg omelette sandwich.

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes

Chicken Sandwich: https://bit.ly/2KCcoTq
Egg Sandwich: https://bit.ly/2IhY30h


Bread slices
Cheese Slices
Butter for toasting bread

For Omelette
Salt to taste
Chilli powder (optional)

1. Cut the bread slices and cheese slices using a round cutter.

2. Heat some butter in a pan and toast the bread till it turns light golden in colour on both sides.

Making an Omelette:
3. Heat some oil in a wide pan. Grease the inside of the round cutter with oil and place it in the pan.
4. Shake the egg well to break the yolk inside the shell and crack open it.

5. Season it with some salt, pepper and chilli powder (optional).

6. Remove the cutter. Flip it over and season it with some more salt and pepper.
7. Place the toasted bread slice top it with cheese slice, omelette and close it with another slice of toasted bread.

8. Finally toast it one more time on the pan, so that the cheese melts.

9. Once the cheese melts, remove the toasted omelette sandwich from the pan.
10. Your Egg Omelette Sandwich is ready! Serve it with some salad.

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