Egg Roll (frankie)

7 years ago | Home Cooking

Chapati - 1 no.
Egg - 1 no.
Pinch of Salt & Pepper
Few thinly sliced Onions
Few thinly sliced Capsicums
Few thinly sliced Cucumber
Few thinly sliced Cabbage
Tomato Ketchup


1. Beat an egg with a pinch of salt and pepper

2. Pour in a wide pan like an omelette

3. Once half done, place a chapati, press and flip with the egg

4. Flip again till it is cooked to your desired taste, then remove

5. With the egg side up, add eew thinly sliced onions, capsicums, cucumber & cabbage

6. Finally add tomato ketchup or any dip/sauce of your choice

7. Roll and wrap with foil paper! Thats it!! Done!!!

You can roll it with any veggies of your choice and add any condiments to spice it up!