Kids special Chocolate Sandwich

7 years ago | Home Cooking
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Number of servings: 4-5 persons

Your kids not interested in those healthy dishes anymore? Has your kid turned into a chocoholic? You kid becoming more and more addicted to those desserts & cakes? I know I did when I was still a child. But so much of chocolate and not much of healthy vegetables and fruits is going harm their health, right? These are the problems mothers these days face in every house. And their one worry? How to get those healthy grains into their kids’ stomach. Simple. Do they like chocolates? Then cook those healthy dishes with some chocolates. Here is a simple recipe on how to make a healthy chocolate sandwich toast. The healthiness of bread combined with the addicting taste of chocolate. Topped with grated chocolate, this is sure to become your kid’s favourite.


Sandwich Bread Slices
Nutella Spread
Cooking chocolate/Milk Chocolate
Butter to toast (optional)

Paneer Sandwich recipe: https://goo.gl/gwzJ8f
Creamy Egg Sandwich recipe: https://goo.gl/fsvEsP

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1. Spread Nutella generously to one side of a slice of bread

2. On that, sprinkle some grated cooking chocolate (or milk chocolate) as you desire.

4. Close it with another slice of bread and toast with some butter.

5. Your chocolate sandwich toast is ready to be served!


You can also serve it as it is instead of toasting the bread.
You can use dark chocolate as well if your kid prefers the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate.
You can garnish your sandwich with some more grated chocolate or chocolate syrup if you wish to.

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