Mixed Fruit Salad - 4 ways

4 years ago | Home Cooking
Mixed Fruit Salad - 4 ways

Water Melon
Musk Melon
Black Grapes
Green Grapes
Condensed Milk
Chaat Masala

For Sugar Syrup
1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of sugar
Ginger - 2 to 3 pieces

Method for Sugar Syrup -
1. Pour 1/4 cup of water in deep pan(Buy: https://goo.gl/tJY9id) and add 1/2 cup sugar to it.
2. Boil it and wait till the sugar dissolves.
3. Add few pieces of ginger and infuse it in the sugar syrup.
4. Boil the syrup till it is thick.
5. Place the syrup aside for it to cool.
6. Strain the syrup and then use it.

Method for Fruit Salad - 1
1. Add the fruits one by one to the bowl.
2. Gently mix the fruits.
3. Bowl of fresh fruit salad is ready.

Method for Fruit Salad - 2
1. To the fruit bowl, add the ginger infused sugar syrup and mix well.

Method for Fruit Salad - 3
1. To the fruit bowl,add condensed milk and mix well.

Method for Fruit Salad - 4
1. Sprinkle chaat powder on the fruit bowl and mix well.

Suggestion - the choice of fruits is yours. You can opt for pineapple, strawberries or other seasonal fruits to create your own fruit bowl

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