DIY Hairstyles Tutorial Double Bun Updo

2 years ago | Terrific Tresses
Have you also been smitten by the Double buns/Space buns like we are? They are all that we see on Pinterest and Instagram. From Gwen Stefani to Miley Cyrus and even members of the Kardashian family have approved this adorable hairdo. Here’s how you can easily achieve the Double Bun Updo.

Things you’ll need:
1. Elastic Bands
2. Bobby pins

Step 1:
Create a center partition from the front to all the way down till your nape.

Step 2:
Collect all the hair from one side of your head and tie a high ponytail with elastic bands. Do the same on the other side. Make sure the elastic is tight and secure.

Step 3:
Back pull/tease the ponytails to create volume. The bigger and messier the buns, the cuter.

Step 4:
Twist your hair all together and twist it again into a bun. You can secure this bun with either bobby pins or elastic bands. Repeat on the other side and you’re done.

You can leave it like this or add glitter extensions and colored ribbons to your pony tails before twisting them to jazz up the buns.