DIY Hairstyles Tutorial Twisted Tucked-in Bun

2 years ago | Terrific Tresses
Twisted Tucked-In Bun

We all would have had those days when we do not know how to style our mane in our second and third hair days. This 'Twisted Tucked-In Bun' comes handy in those times. It's messy but it is very easy to put together and it looks great on almost all occasions.


Brush your hair smooth and pull all your hair to one side.

Second and third hair works best as they have more texture to them.

Tie it with an elastic and make a hole in the center of the ponytail.

Tease or back pull all your hair to create more volume.

Now tuck in the ponytail in the hole and secure the loose ends with bobby pins.

You can leave some loose bits of hair in front of your face on both sides to frame your face as it gives a softer look.