How to do Paschimottanasana - Sitting forward bend

7 months ago | Yoga and You
Sthiti: Dandasana. Sit with legs stretched forward, feet together, palms pressing on the ground by the side of buttocks, back erect, chin up and gaze straight ahead.

Inhale, raise both the arms sideways at shoulder level parallel to the ground.
Raise the arms further up as you inhale, biceps touching the ears and stretch the trunk from the coccyx region. Palms facing forward.
Exhale, bend forward from the lower back, arms parallel to the ground.
Exhale completely, form hooks with index and middle fingers of both hands and catch hold of the big toes respectively.
Bend further forward and rest your face on the knees. Keep your legs straight without bending the knees. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths.
Release the fingers, come back parallel to the ground.
Inhale, come to vertical, as in 2nd position.
Bring the hands down sideways as you exhale, as in 1st position.
Return to sthiti. Relax

Makes the spine flexible, strengthens the thighs.
Stimulates the spinal nerves and back muscles.
Reduces girth and slims down the waist and abdomen.
Good for digestive, gastric and intestinal problems, seminal weaknesses, piles and dyspepsia.

People with chronic constipation, heart ailments, back problems and spondylosis should avoid this posture.

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