Healthy Zucchini Soup Recipe

2 years ago | Home Cooking
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Servings: 3

To Make Zucchini Soup

Zucchini - 1 No.
Onion - 1 No.
Garlic - 8 Cloves
Potato - 2 Nos
Olive Oil - 1 1/2 Tsp
Salt - 1 Tsp
Pepper - 1 Tsp
Italian Seasoning - 1 Tsp
Water - 3 Cups


1. Add butter and olive oil to a pan.
2. Add onions, gently smashed garlic cloves and potatoes. Saute for 3 mins.
3. Peel the skin off zucchini, chop it into small pieces and add it to the pan.
4. Add salt, pepper powder and Italian seasoning. Mix well and saute for 5 mins.
5. Add water and close the pan. Cook for 15 mins on medium flame.
6. Turn off the stove and cool the mixture completely.
7. Transfer it to a mixer jar and grind into a fine puree.
8. Transfer the puree back to the pan and dilute it with some water as per the consistency you'd like the soup to be in.
9. Boil for a few seconds and turn off the stove.
10. Pour the soup into the serving bowls or cups and garnish with some pepper powder and chopped spring onions.
11. Healthiest Keto Zucchini Soup is ready to be served hot.

Preparation of this Healthy Tasty Vegan Soup recipe Zucchini Soup is very simple quick and easy which can be best served as diet lunch or dinner , It can be made in many varieties with slight variations in Ingredients, like Creamy zucchini soup, Zucchini Soup with Grilled Zucchini Roulade, Zucchini Basil Soup, Thai Zucchini Soup, Roast Zucchini Soup with Stilton, Zucchini Avocado Soup, Cauliflower and Zucchini Soup, Turmeric Zucchini and Coconut Soup and many more. In this video we used Potato and Zucchini , This zucchini soup is must try recipe for all, especially who are trying for weigh loss or following diet, It will be added to your favorite list after trying it. Hope you try this delicious recipe at your home and enjoy.

Happy Cooking with Home Cooking.

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