Tri-color sandwich

9 years ago | Home Cooking
Tri-color sandwich

Fresh grated Coconut - 1 cup
A few Mint leaves
A few Coriander leaves
Green chilli - 1
Red chilli - 4
Tamarind - 1 piece
Salt to taste

1. In a blender add Mint leaves, Green chilli, Coriander leaves, Fresh grated Coconut, Tamarind & salt.
2. Add Water gradually while grinding it. Mint chutney is ready.
3. Next, In a blender add Red chilli, Tamarind, Fresh grated Coconut & salt.
4. Add Water gradually while grinding it. Red chilli Coconut chutney is ready.
5. Spread butter in the sandwich to reduce spice if required.
6. Layer three slices of bread. Spread mint chutney in the bottom layer and red chilly coconut chutney in the top layer respectively representing the colors of the national flag.

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